Industry First 4-Layered Protection Technology

AppCAMO uses 4-layered protection technology to ensure proactive defense of your app. 
Layer 1 : Decompile prevention Technology – Prevent hackers from decompiling apps
Layer 2 : Encryption Technology – Code, String, Resource, and JavaScript encryption make 
                   it impossible to read the source code
Layer 3 : Obfuscation Technology – Class Name, Method Name, and Field Name 
                   obfuscation make the source code incomprehensible
Layer 4 : Repackaging Prevention Technology – Even if layers 1, 2, and 3 have passed, 
                   errors occur when repackaging, and hacking is eventually blocked

Industry's First Corporate Mobile
App Security Standard Platform

We built the Corporate mobile app security standard platform for large corporates for the first time 
in this industry. AppCAMO is applied to more than 250 apps of SK telecom and LGU+ each year.
These platforms create strategic R&D infrastructure with SK telecom and LGU+ security teams
which guarantees systematic feedback, new requirement, stability, and credibility for AppCAMO.

Korea's 70% Smartphone
Subscribers use Apps protected by AppCAMO

For the release of the new Android version, AppCAMO is applied to pre-load apps of SK telecom

and LGU+ before the launch of smartphones, ensuring technology stability before any competitors.

Therefore, apps protected by AppCAMO are being used reliably in 70% of Korea’s smartphones.

No SDK, No Coding, The Only one that can provide GUI based Solution for easy to use

Unlike other solutions that require learning time and code to apply app security technologies using SDK,  

AppCAMO does not require learning time and code to use. 

AppCAMO is based on a web GUI that allows users to intuitively select and apply various security technologies with just clicks.

Multiple Apps Management Technology

AppCAMO provides management technologies including User Management, Keystore Management, 
Project Management, Task Management, Bulletin Board, and Statistics.